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Shubham Maheshwari

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Chapter 1. Accounting Fundamental 1.1 Basics of Accounting
1.2 Day to Day Transaction
1.3 Ledger Posting
1.4 Trial Balance
1.5 Profit and Loss Account
Chapter 2. Maintaining Accounts in Tally.ERP9 2.1 What is GST ?
2.2 What is GST Registration ?
2.3 Starting Tally and Company Creation
2.4 Alteration of Company
2.5 Pre-defined Groups and Enabling GST in Tally
2.6 Single and Multiple Group Creation
2.7 Alteration and Deletion of Group
2.8 Ledger Creation and Alteration
2.9 Ledger Deletion and Multiple Ledger Creation
2.10 Creating the Ledger & Entering Party GST Details
 2.11 Entering Opening Balance as per Balance Sheet.
2.12 Creating Ledgers under group Unsecured Loan and Sundry Creditors
2.13 Creating Ledgers under group Fixed Assets, Investments, Deposits (asset)
2.14 Creating Ledgers under group Sundry Debtors
2.15 Creating Ledgers under group Bank Account, Entering Opening Balance of Cash
2.16 Introduction to Accouting With Tally Using Inventory and Activation of Accounting & Inventory Features
Chapter 3. Accounting with Tally using Inventory 3.1 Stock Group Creation
3.2 Stock Category Creation
3.3 Creating Simple and Compound units
3.4 Creating Godown
3.5 Activations of Bill wise details, Enable Invoicing, Single Entry mode for payment receipt and contra vouchers
3.6 Stock Item creation and Defining GST Rate at Item level
3.7 Stock Item creation
3.8 Viewing Stock Summary Report
3.9 Tally Vouchers
3.10 Creating New Voucher Type
3.11 What is CGST, SGST, IGST ?
3.12 Creating CGST, SGST, IGST Ledgers
3.13 Creating Purchase  & Sales Ledgers
3.14 Creating Direct & Indirect Expenses  ledgers
Chapter 4. Accounting Vouchers in Tally 4.1 What is Invoicing ?
4.2 Recording Intrastate Purchase Transaction
4.3 Recording Intrastate Sales Transaction
4.4 Recording Payment Transaction
4.5 Recording Receipt Transaction
4.6 Exercise
4.7 Displaying Trial Balance and Stock Summary
4.8 Activation of discount column in invoices
4.9 Recording Sales Invoice with Discount
4.10 Inventory Vouchers and Tracking numbers
4.11 What is Receipt Note ? Recording Entry for Receipt Note
4.12 Exercise
4.13 Displaying Purchase Bill Pending Voucher
4.14What is Delivery Note ? Recording transaction of Delivery note
4.15 Exercise
4.16 Displaying Sales Bill Pending Voucher
4.17 What is Stock Journal ? Recording Stock Journal transaction
4.18 Exercise and Stock Journal Transfer Report  Analysis
4.19 What is Physical Stock Voucher?  Recording Physical Stock transaction
4.20 What is Rejection Out?  Recording Rejection out transaction
4.21 Exercise and Displaying Purchase bill pending Report.
4.22 What is Rejection in ? Recording Rejection In transaction
4.23 Exercise and Displaying Sales bill pending Report
4.24 Sales invoice linked to delivery note
4.25 Exercise
4.26 Purchase invoice linked with receipt note
4.27 Exercise
4.28 Displaying Trial Balance and Stock Summary Report
4.29 What is Bill wise details ?
4.30 Activation of bill wise details
4.31 Entering Credit days for party ledgers
4.32 Recording Purchase transaction with bill wise details
4.33Recording Sales transaction with bill wise details
4.34 Exercise
4.35 What is GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 ?
4.36 Displaying Trail Balance, Stock Summary, GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 Reports
4.37 Bill Wise Details In Receipt Voucher Entry
4.38 Exercise
4.39 Bill Wise Details In Payment Voucher Entry
4.40 Exercise
4.41 Displaying Trail balance
4.42 What is Cost Center ? Activation and Creating cost center
4.43 Alteration of Ledger Account for Activating Cost Center.
4.44 Cost Center Allocation In Voucher Entry
4.45 Exercise
4.46 What is Cost Categories ? Activation,Creating New Cost Category & New Cost Center
4.47 Recording Cost Category Transaction
4.48 Exercise
4.49 What is Bank Reconciliation ? Process of Reconciliation
4.50 What is Order Processing ? Activate Order Processing
4.51 Alteration of ledger and Recording Purcase Order Entry
4.52 Exercise and displaying purchase order outstanding report
4.53 Recording Sales Order transaction
4.54 Exercise, Displaying of Sales order outstanding Report, Trail Balance and Stock Summary Report
4.55 What is Pre-Closure Order ? Recording Sales order Pre-closure transaction
4.56 Recording Purchase Order pre-closure transaction.
4.57 What is Batch wise details ?  Activation of batchwise Details
4.58 New stock item creation for batch wise details
4.59 Creating new List of Stock items
4.60 Recording purchase vocuher  using batch wise details
4.61 Exercise, Searching Particular Batch, Trial Balance and Stock Summary Report
4.62 What is Price List ? Activating Price List
4.63 Creating New Price List
4.64 Recording Sales Voucher transaction Using Price level
4.65 Exercise, Displaying Trial Balance and Stock Summary Reports
Chapter 5. Accounting of Bill of Materials 5.1What is Bill of Material ? Activating Bill of Material
5.2 New voucher type creation, stock group creation and new ledger of supplier
5.3 Raw Material Items Creation
5.4 Recording purchase transaction of raw materials
5.5 Creating Bill of Material
5.6 Recording of Manufacturing Journal voucher transaction
Chapter 6. Recording Zero Value Entries in Vouchers 6.1 What is Zero Value Entries ?  Activating Zero Value Entries
6.2 Recording Sales transaction
6.3 Exercise , Displaying Trial Balance, Stock Summary Report
Chapter 7. Budget & Control 7.1 What is Budget and Control ? Activation of Budget and Control
7.2 Creating Office Budget and Displaying
7.3 Activating Control and Recording Sales transaction
Chapter 8 Security Control 8.1 What is Security Control? Alteration of Company, Creating new security level for data entry
8.2 Creating User and Passwords For Data Entry Operator, Alteration of ledger, Recording payment tranasction
Chapter 9. Tally Audit, Backup & Restore 9.1 What is Tally Audit ? Alter the company for Activating Tally Audit feature
9.2 Process of Tally Audit
9.3 What is Backup and Restore ? Process
Chapter 10. Interest Calculations 10.1 What is Interest Calculation ?
102 Activating Interest Calculation in Ledger Account
10.3 Displaying Interest calculation of Outstanding balance
10.4 Creating Voucher Class for debit note
10.5 Creating voucher class for credit note
10.6 Creating and alteration of ledger account
10.7 Recording Simple Interest voucher entry in debit note voucher
10.8 Displaying Interest Calculation on Outstanding transactions – Part 1
10.9 Displaying Interest Calculation on Outstanding transactions – Part 2
10.10 Recording credit note transaction for adjusting interest amount
Chapter 11. Actual & Billed Quantity 11.1 What is Actual and Billed quantity ?
11.2 Activation of Actual and Billed quantity
11.3 Recording Purchase transaction for actual and billed quantity
11.4 Exercise
11.5 Recording Sales transaction for actual and billed quantity
11.6 Exercise and displaying report
Chapter 12. Tally to Excel, JPEG, PDF 12.1 Tally to excel exporting
12.2 Tally exporting formats
Chapter 13. Cheque Printing 13.1 Activating Cheque Printing
13.2 Recording payment Entry
Chapter 14. Split Company Data 14.1 Spliting Company.
Chapter 15. Income & Expenses Statement 15.1 Income and Expenses Statement
15.2 Multi Account Printing, Printing  Odd & Even Pages
Chapter 16. Invoice Logo Printing in Tally.ERP9 16.1 Logo printing
Chapter 17. Multiple Address 17.1 Multiple Address For Company and Ledger and Recording Sales Transaction
Chapter 18. Bill Settlement 18.1 Recording Bill Settlement transaction
Chapter 19. E-mail in Tally.ERP9 19.1 E-mail in Tally
Chapter 20 .TDS (Tax Deducated at Source) 20.1 Introduction to TDS
20.2 TDS Company Creation and  Activation in Tally
20.3 Creating TDS Nature of Payment
20.4 Recording TDS Transaction and Creating Expenses Ledger Account
20.5 Creating Party and TDS Ledger Account
20.6 Recording TDS Journal Entry
20.7 TDS Transaction, Creating TDS Ledger, Creating Expenses Ledger, Creating Party Ledger
20.8 Entering Journal Voucher in Tally
20.9 Recording Payment Transaction
20.10 Exercise
20.11 TDS Computation Report and TDS Outstanding Report
20.12 TSD Payment to Government and Printing TDS Tax Challan
20.13 TDS Challan Reconciliation
Chapter 21. Inter-State Supply of Goods 21.1 InterState Supply of Goods
21.2 Recording Interstate Inward Supply
21.3 Recording Interstate Outward Supply
Chapter 22. Getting Started with GST (Services) 22.1 Creating Service Company In Tally.ERP 9
22.2 Activating GST for services & Activating Accounting Features
22.3 Creating GST Ledgers for Services
22.4 Creating Creditor and Service Purchase Ledger
22.5 Recording Local Service Purchase Transaction
22.6 Creating Debtors and Service Sales Ledgers
22.7 Recording Local Service Sales Transaction
22.8 Generating GSTR-1 Report
22.9 Creating Creditor and Service Purchase Ledgers
22.10 Recording Inter-state Purchase Transaction and Generating GSTR-2 Report
22.11 Creating Debtor and Service Sales Ledgers
22.12 Recording Inter-State Sales Transaction
22.13 Generating GSTR-1 Report
Chapter 23. Shortcut Keys 23.1 Shortcut Keys

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