STM+ FM + Engg. Maths + Engg Mechanics(ME/CE)


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  • Strength of Materials

    Detailed breakdown of topics covered under strengths of materials

    1 Simple Stress and Strains 4 hr 40 min
    2 Thermal Stresses 1 hr 40 min
    3 Shear force and Bending moment 5 hr 40 min
    4 Complex and Principal Stresses 4 hr 50 min
    5 Bending stresses in beams 3 hr 30 min
    6 Shear Stresses in beams 2 hrs
    7 Torsion of Circular shafts 2 hr 10 min
    8 Springs 50 min
    9 Deflection of Beams 3 hrs
    10 Thin Pressure Vessels 20 min
    11 Columns 1 hr
    TOTAL 35 Hours 50 min.

    Engineering Maths

    Detailed breakdown of topics covered under Engineering Maths

    1 Calculus 3 hr 10 min
    2 Complex variables 5 hrs 30 min
    3 Differential equation 7 hr 10 min
    4 Multiple integral 3 hr 40 min
    5 Laplace 3 hr 50 min
    6 Linear Algebra 3 hr
    7 Vector Calculus 5 hr 30 min
    8 Numerical Method 2 hr 50 min
    9 Probability 5 hr 10 min
    TOTAL 39 Hours 50 min


    Fluid Mechanics:

    1 Introduction & Fundamentals 2 Hours 40 Min.
    2 Fluid Statics 4 Hours 40 Min
    3 Fluid Kinematics 3 Hours 50 Min
    4 Fluid Dynamics 3 Hours
    5 Flow Through Pipes 2 Hours 10 Min.
    6 Boundary Layer 2 Hour 10 Min
    7 Fluid Machines 3 Hours 50 Min.
      TOTAL 22 Hours 20 Min

Take this course and get:

Study materials:-
(a) Theory e books containing extensive theory, concepts and short cut tricks of all the topics according to GATE & IES syllabus.
(b) Objective e books containing more than 700 questions .Test paper is also provided at the end of each unit. Previous 25 years GATE and previous 15 year IES questions are covered.
2. Video Lectures containing explanation of every topic in DVDs
3. Video solutions for all classroom objective questions in DVDs
4. Doubt clearing through Whatsapp group, facebook page and discussion room

Course Description

Maximize your chances of getting a high score. Master  basic Subjects “Strength of Materials”,  “ Engineering Maths” and “Fluid Mechanics”  Subjects for your upcoming Gate Examination!

This course is ideal for Mechanical /Civil engineering students who want to master Basic Subjects  for their forthcoming Gate Examination. This online course covers all the concepts through a series of video lecture with detailed explanations of every topic and live doubt clearing sessions. Through the package being offered we have tried to cover the best study material for reference and test series to help you prepare well. This Gate course is suitable for all those who wants expert guidance for preparation at their home .Enroll Now in this online course and get taught by an experienced instructor for the GATE

+ 100 % Return Guarantee

Why should you enroll in the course?
• Learn at your own pace. Lectures by highly knowledgeable and experienced technical experts with 7+ years of experience in GATE teaching in DVDs which can be viewed number of times till exam and even after it.
• Well prepared study material which covers all theoretical aspects, highlighting the important topics from where questions are frequently asked in GATE, IES and other PSU exams.
• Quick guide with video tutorials, doubt clearing sessions and test series.
• Self-evaluation test will be provided after each topic to analyze performance.
• Previous year papers for GATE & IES included in the study materials provided.
• Learn from a well-qualified instructor with 9+ years of experience in GATE teaching

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